Humax Premium Multipurpose Compost
Humax Multi-Purpose compost has been re-formulated to meet the high specification demands of customers with noticeable differences as soon as you open the bag.

The super light structure will suit most retail growing situations and ideal for all types of planting from sowing & potting through to shrubs & garden vegetables.

Starting with the highest quality peat farmed on the Scottish Moors, Humax is formulated and refined with an H²Gro wetting agent, Start & Gro professional fertiliser giving the perfect initial boost and Levington Professional Coir to aid drainage and improve rooting.

H²Gro is a spectacular 3-in-1 mode of action to care for all plants’ water needs:

– Wetting and spreading agent,
– Penetrating agent
– Re-wetting agent
Hanging Baskets & Containers, Pots, Tubs & Window Boxes, Indoor & Outdoor plants or Landscaping projects, Humax Multipurpose compost provides for all your planting needs this season.

Humax Multi purpose compost