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Hanging basket classes

We are now in our 28th year of our popular Summer Hanging Basket Classes!


Thursday 25th April

to Sunday 28th April 2024 

10am - 1pm

Our informative and interactive workshop guides you step by step through the process of creating your centrepiece for your garden this summer.

Whether you are a newcomer to our classes or a seasoned returner, it doesn't stop there - included in this package is our 6 week 'Grow On' service whereby we help give your basket the very best start to be the show stopper for the summer. This means that once you have made your basket in the class with us, we keep it on the nursery in our heated greenhouse which is filled with love, classical music and delicious food and drink - the perfect environment for growth - for a month, before you return to collect it.

We are so confident in our results - that your basket will have doubled in size, giving them the real WOW factor by the time you collect - that if it hasnt, we will give you your money back! No questions asked.

Whether you are a returner or a newcomer, all packages include:

- 1 Hour of professional content delivery

- Full 22 piece plant tray bespoke to Flittons Nursery - Available in 3 colour selections - pink's and purples / reds and oranges / mixed

- Hanging Basket Moss

- Fertilised Soil

- 6 Week 'Grow On' service in a heated greenhouse

- Your very own 'How to look after your hanging basket' guide

- Our Best Basket Products checklist and Top Tips for your Hanging Basket

- Unlimited Tea, Coffee & Biscuits

Returner packages do not include a basket - these need to be brought with you. Only the Plantpak Cob 14" baskets, specific to our classes will be accepted.

The Newcomer Package also includes:

- 14" Hanging Basket

- Swivel Hook

- Steel Chain

- Steel Bracket

We recommend that those who have not been to a class before only make one basket per session. You are however, more than welcome to make another basket on a different day.

If you would like to make a tub to match your basket please bring this with you on the day - where packages will be available to purchase.

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