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Tub and basket 
refill Workshop

Come and join us at Flittons Nursery in the Autumn to replant and make good all of your tub and baskets ready for the Autumn and Winter Season.

How does this work?!

  • ​Book your space in your slot - we are asking for a £15 deposit per person to reserve your space

  • Bring in your empty and clean baskets and tubs - of any shape or size - as many as you like. 

  • Discuss with our knowledgeable team what look you would like as well as what would be best suited for your tub and/or baskets

  • Plant them up with us there and then

  • Pay ONLY for the materials and plants you have used (minus your £15 deposit)

  • Walk away with your autumn winter baskets and tubs ready to start the season!

Please Note:

This workshop will be held in our Tunnel which is covered but we reccommend wearing light layers to adapt to change in temperatures to maximise comfort. Please bring gardening gloves with you as well.

If you are intending to make one of our Mossed Hanging Baskets please come to our Mossed Basket Classes (Same Days but in the AM)

Please note that the £15 is non refundable and any spend below this value will not be refunded.

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